Our commitment
for women with sensitive skin
Fleep was started by a family with three generations-worth of experience making underwear and lingerie for women.
During this time we found that women with sensitive skin had needs that were not being met by conventional underwear makers.
That is how Fleep came into being.

We want to liberate women with sensitive skin from being distracted by skin irritation
and make underwear that feels second only to not wearing anything at all.

Handmade by highly skilled craftswomen

Fleep products are made in a small factory, with high attention to detail throughout the production process.
We prioritize quality to create a superior customer experience for women with sensitive skin.
Therefore production takes longer and stocks are limited.
At Fleep, quality and care are of utmost importance to us.

Rooted in the local community

Fleep products are made in a rural part of Japan, rich in nature.
Rooted in the local community, we aim to revitalize the local economy,
empowering women, creating employment and improving and passing on high-skilled crafts heritage to future generations.