Be kind to your skin

Breathable, light and soft
Fleep underwear is a friend to sensitive skin
Handmade in Japan

For people with sensitive skin, dermatitis, after surgery and childbirth

Making friends
with sensitive skin

Does underwear
irritate your skin?

Our handmade, breathable underwear feels like being wrapped in air.
Fleep is an everyday comfort to women with sensitive skin.
Fleep underwear liberates women with sensitive skin from being distracted by skin irritation.
Handmade and developed in Japan, our goal is to make underwear that feels second only to not wearing anything at all.

Fleep Product Features

Every detail we design revolves around your comfort
in our pursuit of ultimate kindness to your skin.

How Fleep is designed to be
gentle to your skin
  • 01

    Care label

    The label is sewed on the outer side to reduce irritation on the skin

  • 02

    Bra pad

    Light, soft, round shaped bra pad to gently shape your breast

  • 03

    Fastening mechanism

    The back of the fastening mechanism is covered with 100% soft cotton material

  • 04


    The seam appears on the outer side to avoid it from touching your skin

  • 01

    Care label

    The Care label can easily be taken off by cutting the blue thread

  • 02

    Gentle fit

    Designed with a highly stretchable powernet for people who have trouble with rashes and tightness

  • 03


    Designed so the thread in contact with the skin is minimal

Fleep is certified and recommended
Material that is kind
to your skin
  • 01


    Made with natural fibers to be friendly to sensitive skin

  • 02


    With our loose weaving method, cotton keeps its volume, allowing air to circulate and your skin to breathe

  • 03


    Therefore, the garment feels light and airy when worn…

  • 04


    …and absorbs more perspiration quickly and dries more rapidly


Made in Japan —Rooted in the local community—

From thread and fabric production to sewing, all manufacturing is done in Japan.
Your Fleep products are made with great attention to detail by local, rural and highly skilled craftswomen
to a Japanese quality control standard.

Our Story

What Our Customers Say

  • I have never worn such a stress-free bra like Fleep. It isn't tight, the material is breathable, and I don't get shoulder pain. I can wear it all the time.
  • I am wearing Fleep after my breast cancer surgery. The fabric is super soft and sewn in a way that the seam doesn't rub against my post-surgery wounds. It isn't tight under the breasts and the fitting is just right.
  • I was surprised at how soft and nicely fitted Fleep was. It doesn't give me that sense of tightness I usually experience from wearing underwear. Fleep is now a must have item for me which I will keep wearing for a long time.
  • I wear Fleep as my bedtime wear. I like it as my skin doesn't get itchy from the fabric.